World Archaeology Congress Online

The World Archaeology Congress is raising funds to make their conference accessible online this year for individuals and organizations that can not afford to make the trip to the Congress in Jordan.  I suspect this is the type of activity many DANGsters would be interested in supporting.

For those unfamiliar with WAC, I think this answer to one of the questions in their FAQ describes them well:

“WAC was founded in 1985 as the only representative, international organization of practicing archaeologists. It encourages open dialogue between archaeologists and others concerned about the past, including Indigenous peoples and First Nations people whose pasts are told by archaeologists. One of WAC’s primary functions is to hold an international congress every four years.”

WAC is known, in part, for bringing together archaeologists and interested parties from many non-western countries who often are not part of some of the other large archaeology organizations. This gives scholars who have small archaeological communities in their home countries the chance to engage with others in similar situations, to discuss not only archaeological theory and research, but policies, legislation and problem-solving. WAC tries to raise funds to assist marginalized peoples in attending the conference. That being said, for those not in the region of the conference costs for attendance can still be prohibitive.  The plan for this year is to charge a reduced fee for those who want to participate online in lieu of attending in person.  If enough money is raised through the current solicitation for online donations, they will be able to reduce the cost even further.

Here is a link to the WAC-7 fundraising site, where you can read about the project and watch a cute and informative video on the reason for going online.

World Archaeology Congress-7 Meeting

World Archaeology Congress




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