5th Annual Digital Frontiers Conference

The 5th Annual Digital Frontiers Conference and THATCamp will be held September 22-24, 2016 at Rice University in Houston, hosted by Fondren Library and the Humanities Research Center. Registration is Now Open for #DF16RU Register now for Digital Frontiers 2016! Registration rates: Non-Student: $75 Full-time Graduate or Undergraduate Student: $35 THATCamp: $20 Registration provides access to […]

June Joint E-seminar

“Facebook as research field and research platform” Joint e-seminar of the American Anthropological Association’s Committee for the Anthropology of Science, Technology & Computing (CASTAC, http://castac.org/) and Digital Anthropology Group (DANG, https://01anthropology.wordpress.com/) and European Association of Social Anthropologists’ Media Anthropology Network (http://www.media-anthropology.net/) 21 June – 5 July 2016 (to be extended if necessary) CASTAC, DANG and […]

Digital Anthropology at the AAA’s

Included in this post are two Call for Participants from individuals interested in organizing sessions around digital themes. Contact these folks promptly if you want to join! WHAT’S AT STAKE? A DISCUSSION OF TRANSPARENCY, AUTHENTICITY, APPLICATION, THEORY, AND ACCESSIBILITY IN PUBLIC ANTHROPOLOGY What we mean by the phrase “public anthropology” reveals as much about our […]

DANG’s to do list…

Hi DANGsters! Just a quick FYI and redirect here. I’ve been posting notes and observations about our AAA business meeting on Savage Minds. Please join the conversation. On the anthropology of digital worlds and the professionalization of blogging On Open Access More posts to come.

World Archaeology Congress Online

The World Archaeology Congress is raising funds to make their conference accessible online this year for individuals and organizations that can not afford to make the trip to the Congress in Jordan.  I suspect this is the type of activity many DANGsters would be interested in supporting. For those unfamiliar with WAC, I think this […]