Welcome to DANG!

An interest group of the American Anthropological Association, we promote and support the work of anthropologists utilizing digital methods, working in digital research contexts, and sharing their work digitally.

Digital anthropologists research interests span from issues of privacy and performance in big data and social media research, to work focused on hacktivism and social movements with origins in online communities, to social media and geopolitics, to video game addiction and cell phone distracted driving, to online education and access and far beyond.

We see digital technology as both a research tool and a research site, but challenge the notion of digital interactions and virtual experiences as separate. We are committed to supporting students and advising researchers interested in expanding into the area of digital anthropology.

DANG’s members are committed to public anthropology and open access.

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You can also follow us on twitter https://twitter.com/01anthropology and Facebook https://www.facebook.com/01anthropology/