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Prior to having a hand in bringing up DANG I served on the executive board of SANA for six years. One thing we had a lot of success with there was organizing a bibliography of literature on the anthropology of North America. The Society for the Anthropology of Consciousness has theirs organized into a tight “core bibliography” with then a much longer, comprehensive bibliography following. We should do something like this for DANG too.

On this page I visualize collecting all the citations of Digital Anthropology, including of course member publications. What are people reading? What are people teaching? What methodological considerations do we need to consider? What research is happening right now? Let’s put all that in this place.


13 thoughts on “Digital Bibliography

  1. Hello
    It might be helpful to use a mendeley or zotero sharing to manage such a shared bibliography. Or did you have other tools in mind?
    best wishes


  2. @David – I hadnt really thought about HOW we were going to do it. But I think this would be a smart first move for us to work collectively to accomplish something realistic and obtainable.

    @Fayana – thanks for the links. Nice work.


  3. Creating an extensive bibliography was my first thought too when thinking about a realistic first goal for the group to accomplish. A bibliography would also be helpful for research purposes, and to help define who we are, and what areas of interest we want to pursue. I am happy that more anthropologists are getting into the digital fray – this has been an interest of mine during my undergraduate and graduate schooling. Initially I found very few, relatively speaking, anthropological references on this subject. Thank you Matt for creating this space and group. Hope to make it to San Francisco. I am presenting my paper on how people organize and mobilize for revolution using social media (Twitter).


  4. @Cheryl – once presented, I would love to see a copy of your paper. I lead digital solutions and strategy for various clients and am very interested in your insights.


  5. I have been preparing a Digital Anthropology bibliography for my PhD qualifying exams this spring. It is largely focused on the anthropology of digital worlds, but also includes interdisciplinary sources as well. I’m not sure if we’d want interdisciplinary sources in our Digital Anthropology bibliography for this site. But I would be willing to share my tentative bibliography as a jumping off point and then everyone could add-in any sources I missed or remove sources that are not appropriate. This could be done over Google Docs or the two sites David suggested mendeley or zotero (I am less familiar with these).


  6. As an undergraduate interested in conducting research in the field of digital anthropology, I can’t tell you how great of a resource I think this will become. I’m excited to see the upcoming development of DANG, not to mention thankful for the list of works already provided on the subject.


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