Field Methods #openthread

Perhaps the most fundamental, basic change to the discipline of anthropology will come from the way online platforms and handheld technology will impact the way field research is conducted.

How will anthropologists incorporate Internet platforms into “traditional” fields of study (outside of cyberworlds)? What will be the most profound contribution mobile devices and new tech make to the execution of field research?

  • Will make fieldwork both harder and easier. On-the-spot knowledge but maybe fewer opportunities to travel physically?
  • More trouble with IRB clearance
  • Depends on types of usage developed
  • More engaged anthropology
  • Erase borders (special/ temporal) of field + fieldwork
  • No longer think of those we study / work with as separate from us as we write our analysis
  • Just like visual methods but more broad and diverse
  • Broadening definition of who is an anthro who does anthro
  • Making new connections: tags, clouds, data access
  • Increasing scope of fieldwork to long term/ deep background
  • Digital mediation storage of data; more rapid communication of ideas
  • Access to data
  • Being in more than one site at once (physical world and virtual world)
  • All of the above: collaboration; publication; critique (all instant)
  • Possible to engage with archive / literature in the field – Good or bad??
  • More concrete and real time research beyond notes – audio visual resource, connectivity to your subjects/ informants; translation and accessibility and essential) Research will become something you can experience again and again
  • They can back up field notes in real time and avoid double work
  • Allows instant communication, spatial location, notes that are sent auto
  • More rapid turnaround new and more data. Imagine if George Hunt was on Twitter
  • Sharing notes/ images/ ideas as they come to us in the field.
  • Real time check on ideas as you develop and share them from the field
  • Real time discursive reflexive interpretation of excavation data and method.
  • It helps if you stay in real time
  • Greatly increases the speed of sharing to allow others to build up on it
  • Continuing real time participation while outside the field
  • Instant archiving of archaeological data availability in situ mapping online
  • Place of or as motif of existing tools. Anything that makes data collection easier or more precise
  • Creating apps for specific anthro uses
  • Using mapping apps
  • Quicker video capture – but ethics?
  • Mobile devices can be used to keep digital notes, pictures, recordings to store them on the cloud
  • It’s on all in one journal, camera, recorder encyclopedia, and everything in between and a phone to boot
  • Tools for research respondents/ participants to control access to their data in flexible ways
  • Mobile devices can be used to keep digital notes, pictures, recordings to store them on the cloud
  • Quicker knowledge disbursement
  • Will be fantastic! Need to insure every access for 1 to 1 communication (more/ better than email)
  • Break down barriers between field/ not field; enable participants to share own expertise
  • All in one: notes; records, collaboration, etc
  • More ethnographies of mixed reality – interact as a part of everyday life
  • Informants are already using it – it is part of field already
  • More collaboration between cultural informants
  • Allows for more voices to be heard
  • Develop methodology to sanction uses of digital communication such as Facebook to remain in contact with informants after you return from the field
  • I don’t think we need to make it necessary but integrate into process of promotion review etc
  • Moderate comments to get people on tenure committees to read them and see them as professional

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