Anthros in Tech: Disrupting Academic Anthropology

Call for roundtable participants for the American Anthropological Association’s 2022 Hybrid Conference 

November 9-13, 2022

Anthropologists working in the tech industry have been hard at work building disruptive technologies for decades. With the growing interest in career paths outside of academia, our round table on anthropologists in tech unsettles anthropology by disrupting the assumption that anthropologists belong in academia. Participants will share how they got into tech, a bit of their current work, and a day in the life perspectives. 

Conference Information:

The 2022 AAA Annual Meeting will again be a hybrid meeting. This means the meeting will take place in-person in Seattle, WA, from November 9-13, 2022, as well as online over those same dates. 


The 2022 AAA Annual Meeting theme “Unsettling Landscapes” encourages anthropological discussion of past, present, and future unsettlings of the world – be it through environment, power, political economy or through the collective efforts of unsettling and disrupting oppressive structures while building worlds otherwise. While our worlds are defined by nothing if not change, the current unsettling of landscapes brings with it an urgency that demands conversations which may elicit feelings of discomfort and disturbance, but may also stoke hope and determination. This orientation towards unsettling pushes us beyond easy narratives and facile binaries into moments of transformation. In essence, this theme asks two questions: In what ways are we, and those we work with, unsettled? How are we also unsettling landscapes and to what end?

How to Participate:

If you are interested in participating, please email me at by Monday April 4th include a brief bio and your virtual/in-person preferences and date availability.

If there is sufficient interest, we will form a double session or have a virtual session and an in-person session. 


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