#DANG Anthropology Matters!

Anthropology Matters!
The American Anthropological Association’s 116th Annual Conference
Washington DC
November 29th to December 3rd, 2017

The AAA is calling on its members to demonstrate how and why Anthropology Matters! The theme for the AAA annual conference for 2017, which will be held in Washington DC, is a call to action for anthropologists across all subfields of the discipline. The AAA is asking its membership to demonstrate the relevance of its research and the application of anthropology for understanding and improving the human condition. This theme is set to inspire anthropologists to reclaim their position in public discourse.

Digital Anthropologists work in a verity of critical settings on prescient topics and social issues. Our work is at the heart of everyday life and human experience. Digital anthropology is of great interest to the general public and there are ample opportunities to apply its findings outside of academia.

Potential panel topics may include:
• Engaging the Public: Anthropology on Digital Platforms
• Applying Digital Anthropology: Corporate and Non-Profit Opportunities for Digital Anthropologists
• Mis-Information, Truthiness, and the Age of Information Over-Saturation
• The Role of Social Media in the 2016 US Election
• Digital Technology and its role in Health
• Self-Surveillance
• Digital Fame
• Memes and Troupes as powerful Cultural Scripts
• Hacking and Leaks as a Form of Espionage and Warfare
• Social Media in the Era of Trump
• Political and Protest On and Offline
• Hacktivism
• Social Media and Geo-Politics
• Social Movements and Social Media
• Open Access and the Future of Anthropological Publishing

DANG wants to support your Digital Anthropological research and help you present it at the AAAs. We would be happy to distribute any Calls for Papers, help with brainstorming ideas for panels, workshops, and roundtables, or to assist with the AAA submission process. Sydney Yeager and Greg Wright are the coordinators for the DANG program at the AAA’s, please contact us at: 01anthropology@gmail.com.

Read more about the AAA’s theme here

All Panels and Papers must be submitted to the AAA by April 14th.


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