Teaching #openthread

Teaching is something virtually everyone in the academy must do and traditional college students have grown to take the Internet for granted. This is one field where the digital revolution will come sooner rather than later.

What is the most important lesson/ skill we can teach our students about the Internet and online communication?

  • Coding (but I can’t teach that)
  • PowerPoint
  • Knowing what to keep off line
  • Skills for critical engagement with the implicit architectures of online action
  • Multimedia production, creation and publishing tools, B.S. screening – how to sort knowledge from info
  • Writing
  • Have it be democratic and inclusive
  • How to develop their voice
  • How to collaborate through cloud – editing, working toward one goal
  • How to do research online – methodology of internet culture ethnography
  • See use of blog posts etc in classroom on syllabi regularly, courses teaching digital anth, traditional pubs on topic, increasing desire for learning
  • How to research knowledge and share information with both lay and professional community
  • How to find information
  • How to critically asses information they find online
  • To understand the context of information
  • How to e valuate sources on Internet
  • How to create online communities that support internal motivations to learn
  • Healthy skepticism, playfulness
  • Ability to discriminate quality
  • Ability to find information and data and not just random Google responses
  • Orienteering, navigation with special consideration
  • How to assess materials they find though searches
  • How to discern high quality reliable info
  • Internet communication skill, verification
  • Using more than Google to locate info and how to use Google better
  • Source criticism and analysis
  • Evaluate quality of sources
  • How to not only find information
  • But evaluate it (is it legitimate? Authoritative? Relevant?)
  • Critical thinking
  • How to best reform their already excellent data management and filtering skills
  • How to evaluate online materials

How can we use the Internet to become better teachers w/o it being just another goddamn thing to keep up with?

  • Utilize online tools students are familiar with such as blogs instead of writing assignments like essays/ papers
  • Need to be skilled in computer knowledge
  • New tools/ toys can make it easier to teach/ share
  • Think of it as a tool, not as a thing we have to do. Use it when appropriate
  • We need smooth platforms and applications
  • Blogging = means of staying current on areas of research outside one’s immediate topic of focus
  • We can use it as a transnational transformative tool in classroom
  • Reach people ion different places
  • Different ways of completing assignments, collaborative tool
  • Post challenges we have had and how we solved so others can use info
  • Give students ability to create, discover, share
  • Make it part of your daily teaching practice e
  • Incorporate into lesson plan
  • Just let it happen for the most part. It’s coming to saturate everything we do anyway
  • Link interactive teaching activities with real world classes – use the possibilities of online teaching to enhance (not replace) traditional classroom instruction – use best practices
  • Use internet to make other tasks easier – less time intensive, i.e. searching for reading
  • Instant feedback and availability of learning objectives beyond the classroom, i.e. open source syllabi
  • Teach anthro of online worlds
  • Use internet as one would other info resources
  • Student peer interaction
  • Use it for instruction rather than demonstration
  • Make the classroom a “cloud” of knowledge
  • Utilize its resources and use them effectively: images, programs, videos, widgets, and how to follow those evolutionary patterns i.e. remain in the know by vigilance

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