DANG Business Meeting at #AAA2015

DANG: Digital Anthropology Group Business Meeting Saturday 12:15 to 1:30 in room 405 at the Colorado convention center (Open to All Interested Parties) Business Meeting Agenda We have completed our first three years as an interest group. The American Anthropological Association has approved our reauthorization for another three years. In this time we have successfully […]

DANG “Re”Organization: Part 2 Informal Leadership

New leadership roles within DANG. These do not need to be fully formalized. Rather than a few elected positions like other societies have, DANG would have practical positions which will distribute the workload of promoting digital anthropology in all its variation and digital anthropology. I think it might be good to make the focus of […]

Digital Anthropology at the #AAA2015 Conference

Digital Anthropology continues to have a strong presence at the American Anthropological Conference this fall. The #AAA2015 schedule has 198 results for the word “digital” alone.  Anthropological research utilizing digital methods and addressing virtual worlds and digital technology has had growing presence at the AAAs continuously over the last 5 years, probably long that’s just […]

Virtual Component to the #AAA2015 Conference

First Annual AAA Virtual Conference: Familiar/Strange in the Digital Landscape The AAA Newsletter announces the AAA will be hosting its first Virtual Conference event at this year’s annual meeting. It will begin on Thursday, November 19 at 7:45 PM. Tom Boellstorff will be moderating a discussion on digital engagement in the anthropological field with Thomas […]