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Call for Papers: Digital Anthropologists’ Current Engagements with 21st Century Publics

DANG Call for Papers

Deadline April 10th (To Meet April 15th AAA Deadline for Sessions)

Email Abstracts to

Digital Anthropologists’ Current Engagements with 21st Century Publics: #Digital Publics, #Ethics, #Methods, #Insights

The future publics, which anthropologists of the 21st Century will engage with, occupy a social space in which the digital and the physical overlap.  Therefore, ethnographic study of these future publics merits consideration of the corresponding and relevant digital social spheres.

In light of this year’s conference theme “Future Publics, Current Engagements,” this panel intends to demonstrate how digital anthropologists are currently engaging with and researching “digital publics.”   This panel will highlight the current engagements of anthropologists conducting field research which bridges the overlap between digital publics and physical public spaces.  This panel strives to foster a discussion of the methods, ethics, and insights that Digital Anthropology can offer for “engaging with future publics” as digital technology continues to become a part of the everyday lives of the people anthropologists study around the world.  Major questions include: How do anthropologists collect and analyze data while doing digital field work?   What are the ethical issues facing anthropologists who rely on visual data and texts collected in the digital publics of the internet (social networking sites, forums, websites, etc)?  How does digital anthropology intersect with the physical as people increasingly act in physical space in response to the digital realm?  What kind of “future publics” are being constructed through today’s “current engagements” by users and anthropologists in the cyberspatial plazas of the internet (social networking sites, etc.)?

Furthermore, as digital technology continues to become a part of the everyday lives of the people anthropologists study, what insights can Digital Anthropology offer the broader discipline for “engaging with future publics”?  A discussion of ethnographic examples and evidence of the interactions between digital/online and physical life is pertinent to both the future of anthropological engagements with the public and to current concerns about digital studies in anthropology.

Building off goals established in the first organizational meeting of the newly formed Digital Anthropology interest group (DANG), this panel will address critical questions relating to the methods and ethics of digital fieldwork.  Presenters will demonstrate the applicability of insights, drawing from their current engagements with digital publics to advance the discipline of anthropology and prepare anthropologist for engagement with future publics.

Digital Anthropologists’ Current Engagements with 21st Century Publics: #Digital Publics, #Ethics, #Methods, #Insights

DANG Call for Papers

Deadline April 10th (To Meet April 15th AAA Deadline for Sessions)

We are seeking presenters with papers which will address questions of ethics in digital anthropology.   We want to include papers which demonstrate innovative methods solutions to issues particular to digital fieldwork.  Papers with findings and insights applicable to digital anthropology and the future of anthropology as a whole are strongly encouraged.  We are particularly interested in having papers that discuss the overlap and interactions between digital/online and the physical.   We invite presenters to submit paper abstracts pertinent to the themes outlined above; however, we do not wish to limit abstracts to strictly these themes.  

We invite abstracts of 250 words to be submitted by April 10, 2013 to  Look for email confirmation.

AAA is hiring an Asst. Manager of Databases and Web Services

If you know any good computer programmer types or you ARE one, that would like to make more money than most Anthropology Post-Docs, visiting and contingent faculty,including a benefits package, tell them about this job at the American Anthropological Association:

Job Description:

National Association located in Arlington has an excellent opportunity for a website and database professional.

Duties include web application and relational database development and maintenance; CMS, DB and web support; listserv administration; maintaining SOPs and documentation; and, training and assisting end users. Experience working for a membership association preferred.


Bachelor’s degree in computer science or related field, or equivalent knowledge with three years of related professional experience. Requires proficiency in ColdFusion (including CFCs), HTML, JavaScript, jQuery, Ajax, CSS, MS SQL. Familiarity with a content management systems, PHP, WordPress and MySQL a plus. Familiarity with a variety of the field’s concepts, practices and procedures. Basic understanding of DNS, IIS, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, VPN. Strong oral and written communication skills. Ability to think strategically and multi-task. Demonstrated ability to handle complex tasks, formulate plans, and to carry out objectives; ability to interact effectively with individuals and meet stringent deadlines.

Must be flexible, have a good sense of humor, and be able to work with a small staff in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment. Excellent benefits package.

Note: If you hear of other jobs that would be of interest/relevance to DANGsters, please let us know so we can post them!

Agenda – 2012 busines meeting

DANG, the Digital Anthropology Group will convene at 12:15pm on Friday, November 16, 2012 at the annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association.

San Francisco Hilton, Continental 1


I.    Call to order and introduction
a.    What DANG can do
II.    Mission statement SWARM
a.    Call for volunteers
b.    Focus questions
c.    Workshop: Team interpretation
III.    New business
a.    AAA 2013 – Chicago

Meeting adjourns at 1:30

Join DANG by sending an email to,
Spread the DANG word and bring more people to the Group
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Plan a panel or event for AAA 2013 in Chicago
Tweet up @01anthropology
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Digital events at the 2012 AAAs

It’s my great pleasure as convenor of DANG’s AAA faction to bring to your attention some exciting events at the upcoming annual meeting of the AAA in San Francisco. If you have planned something “digital” themed at the 2012 AAA’s that you would like advertised, let us know and we will blog about it.

If you haven’t yet experienced an Innovent, put this one at the top of the list. “Media in Motion in the Mission: Mobile Digital Storytelling” is scheduled from 11am to 1pm on Saturday (11/17). In it the Director of the Center for Digital Storytelling in Berkeley, Joe Lambert, will lead a 45-minute photo walk and story session through the murals of the Mission District. After the tour, Joe will facilitate a short movie-making process (doing a short writing prompt, a brief story circle, and then a five-photo edit with attendees’ own iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.) This event will be a fantastic opportunity for attendees to get away from the conference facilities for a while, take in some of unique sights that San Fran has to offer, AND take away some useful skills/techniques.

Acting as bookends to the Innovent is a two-part panel: “Crossing Contexts and Redefining Borders with Digital Media and Storytelling”. The first half of the panel will deal with utilizing digital storytelling and digital applications to teach anthropology courses. It is scheduled from 8am to 9:45am on Saturday (11/17). The second panel will be on research on utilizations of digital media in school and community programs. It will be held from 1:45pm to 3:15pm that same afternoon (Saturday, 11/17).

The abstract for “Media in Motion” reads

A digital story is a short, first person video-narrative created by combining recorded voice, still and moving images, and music or other sounds in a digital media product. Since 1998 the Center for Digital Storytelling in Berkeley, California, has been giving digital storytelling methods workshops aimed at helping K-12 teachers integrate the use of digital storytelling assignments into their classes. In large part due to the tireless efforts of the Center, and aided by a growing belief that such projects are better suited than traditional paper assignments for developing active learning styles needed for participation in the information age, digital storytelling projects are being increasingly assigned at K-12 education institutions throughout the U.S. More recently, such assignments have been finding their way onto syllabi of courses given at the country’s colleges and universities, where digital storytelling is increasingly being seen as a useful tool for the facilitation of engaged learning. Taking advantage of the Center for Digital Storytelling’s proximity to the site of the 2012 Annual Meeting, this Innovent will provide an opportunity to get acquainted with a media form and process that is rife with potential for anthropological pedagogy and practice. Innovent attendees will gather at the Dance Mission Theater, near the 24th St. Bart Station, where the Director of the Center for Digital Storytelling, Joe Lambert, will provide an introduction to digital storytelling before leading the group on a 45-minute photo walk and story session through the murals of the Mission District. The tour will end up at Galeria de la Raza or Brava Theater at the other end of 24th, where Joe will facilitate a 1-hour session of making a short movie in a hurry (doing a short writing prompt, a brief story circle, and then a five photo edit with attendees own iPhone [or other ios device] or 2012 Android Phone or Tablet). Not everyone would have to participation in the project making process, but could benefit from following along. This event is a fantastic opportunity to get out and get acquainted with the unique environs of the 2012 Annual Meeting location while learning practical skills that can be utilized in anthropology teaching and research practice. Participation in the Innovent costs $50 per person. To sign up for this event go to the American Anthropological Association’s registration page and click on “Add Workshops/Events” in the left-hand column to log in.

Any questions about this Innovent should be e-mailed to Aaron Thornburg at aaron.thornburg AT