Teaching #openthread

Teaching is something virtually everyone in the academy must do and traditional college students have grown to take the Internet for granted. This is one field where the digital revolution will come sooner rather than later.

Blogging #openthread

In this brainstorming session, we’re specifically looking at how online communication is reshaping the way professional anthropologists communicate with each other. This can include blogging, as well as Twitter and all manner of Internet conversation.

Statement of Purpose

Our main activity at the 2012 business meeting is going to be a creative workshop that will contribute towards composing DANG’s mission statement and making plans for moving forward. Below is the Statement of Purpose that I submitted to the AAA when forming the interest group, which first appeared on Savage Minds back in March. […]

Agenda – 2012 busines meeting

DANG, the Digital Anthropology Group will convene at 12:15pm on Friday, November 16, 2012 at the annual meeting of the American Anthropological Association. San Francisco Hilton, Continental 1 AGENDA I.    Call to order and introduction a.    What DANG can do II.    Mission statement SWARM a.    Call for volunteers b.    Focus questions c.    Workshop: Team interpretation […]

Digital events at the 2012 AAAs

It’s my great pleasure as convenor of DANG’s AAA faction to bring to your attention some exciting events at the upcoming annual meeting of the AAA in San Francisco. If you have planned something “digital” themed at the 2012 AAA’s that you would like advertised, let us know and we will blog about it. If […]

Applied Anthropology and the Digital Humanities

DANG members and collaborators have been sharing with me their Calls for Papers for some really exciting conferences where digital anthropology can take a leadership role in our discipline. In fact our organization was born from the desire to reimagine a professional anthropology that exceeded the capacity to be contained by the American Anthropological Association […]