Call for Presentations: Response-ability Summit (was Anthro + Tech Conference), May 20-21

Response-ability Summit, May 20-21 | Online and Offline Call for Presentations: How do we respond to the problems in tech using our abilities? Digital technologies, devices and data are woven into the fabric of contemporary societies. The digital and the social are now co-evolving — in a ‘sociodigital’ world — with emergent consequences that raise profound challenges for equality, […]

CFP: Digital Infrastructures: Poetics, Politics and Personhood

Digital Infrastructures: Poetics, Politics and Personhood – American Anthropological Association Annual Meeting, San Jose, CA, 14-18 November 2018 Lorraine Weekes (Stanford University) Gertjan Plets (Utrecht University) Government databases, digital archives, online voting systems, and e-portals enabling the submission of everything from insurance claims to income tax returns increasingly define mundane engagements between citizen-users and a suite […]