Call for Presentations: Response-ability Summit (was Anthro + Tech Conference), May 20-21

Response-ability Summit, May 20-21 | Online and Offline 
Call for Presentations:
Theme: How do we respond to the problems in tech using our abilities? Digital technologies, devices and data are woven into the fabric of contemporary societies. The digital and the social are now co-evolving — in a ‘sociodigital’ world — with emergent consequences that raise profound challenges for equality, social cohesion and sustainability. Most of the time we are left wondering how we got here. And fearful for what will happen next.
The big question is: how can we be response-able for this world in the making?
How do we create technology that doesn’t exacerbate or reinforce existing social and economic inequalities? This question has been central to the conference since it was inaugurated in 2019. The tagline for the conference, ‘Championing socially-responsible tech’, invites the tech industry and researchers to reflect on what actions we can take to address inequalities.

For further information about the theme and call, including submission dates and proposal acceptance criteria, please go to:

About the Response-ability Summit (formerly the Anthropology + Technology Conference)

The annual summit is a unique two-day event that brings social scientists and technologists together to foster interdisciplinary conversations on how to build, design, and deploy tech responsibly.

The purpose of the summit is to encourage and facilitate conversations and collaborations between the social sciences and technology, particularly in industry. This summit was created in response to the rapid pace of emerging technologies and the strong belief that the perspective of social scientists has never been more critical.

It was founded in 2018 by Dawn Walter and the inaugural event took place at the Watershed in Bristol, U.K. in October 2019. The event returned on 9 and 12 October 2020, this time online, connecting speakers and delegates from across the globe, and two major sponsors, Microsoft UK and Spotify, with funding from UKRI (ESRC). 

For 2021, we return on May 20-21, both online and offline in some European cities, local covid restrictions permitting. This means accessibility is retained while enabling delegates to meet in person, something we’ve all been missing. 


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