Anthropology, Academia, & Family Planning Survey

Dr. Michaela Howells and Dr. Christopher Lynn are conducting a survey study of structural factors that influence who can be an anthropologist with particular attention to planning or having a family. For instance, how do the career expectations of anthropology influence family planning for those who have gone into or are currently studying anthropology? How does having a family change the type and quality of anthropology one can do?
They are recruiting people with or working toward graduate degrees in anthropology who have not already taken the survey (whether or not they have or are planning a family).
The survey is approved by the University of Alabama IRB and consent precedes the survey, which takes approximately 30 minutes.

One thought on “Anthropology, Academia, & Family Planning Survey

  1. It is too bad that the current system in CRM can not support raising a family. It drives good archaeologists out of the field, and creates stress in field technicians that does not foster the best possible work.


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