Evidence, Accident, Discovery in Digital Anthropology

DANG @ #AAA2016
I wanted to stir the pot for Digital Anthropology panels at the AAA Conference this fall.

Annual Meeting Theme

The 115th Annual Meeting theme, ‘Evidence, Accident, Discovery’, raises issues central to debates within both anthropology and politics in a neoliberal, climate-changing, social media-networked era: What counts as evidence? What does evidence count for? What are the underlying causes and foreseeability of violence and catastrophes? How is misfortune interpreted, and causality, attributed in cases of humanly preventable harm? And in the give and take of relationships on which anthropological evidence typically depends, Who gets to claim that they discovered something? We welcome proposals that debate these and other questions stimulated by the conference theme, in the opportunity that our annual meeting provides for “big tent” debate.

The Deadline for Panels and Abstract Submissions is April 15th.

This year’s theme Evidence, Accident, Discovery fits easily into DANG’s preview. If you have any Calls for Papers you would like to share with DANG members or panel ideas you’d like to brainstorm let me know in the comments below or by emailing me at slyeager@smu.edu


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