Philipp Budka

My name is Philipp Budka. I am a social and cultural anthropologist interested particularly in digital media technologies, infrastructure, indigenous media, activism, globalization, ethnography, and the production and transfer of knowledge. I am currently completing my PhD in Social and Cultural Anthropology at the University of Vienna, Austria. For my PhD project I did ethnographic fieldwork in Northwestern Ontario, Canada, and in several online environments, working with First Nation organizations and communities on digital media technology related practices. In addition, I have been lecturing at the Viennese Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology and the MA program in Media and Visual Anthropology at the Free University Berlin. I am also part of the European Association of Social Anthropologists‘ (EASA) Media Anthropology Network steering group which has been organizing events and meetings for media anthropologists on- and off-line since 2004.
Find more information on me and my work at:

As “International Ambassador” for DANG, I am aiming for (1) collaborative projects which include different associations, organizations, and networks in the field of digital anthropology as well as (2) the internationalization of digital anthropology by sharing and distributing information particularly about European events, projects, and initiatives. There are plans, for instance, to organize a joint e-seminar with DANG and CASTAC of the American Anthropological Association (AAA) and the EASA Media Anthropology Network. More info on that in another post soon.


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