Sydney Yeager

Sydney Yeager is a cultural anthropologist and ABD PhD candidate at SMU (Southern Methodist University).  She is currently working on her dissertation pertaining to digital memorials and contemporary grieving practices.

She is a founding member of the AAA’s new Digital Anthropology Interest Group, fondly known as DANG.  As of November 2014, Sydney has taken on the role of DANG Convener over seeing DANG’s official AAA business and convening the annual DANG business meeting at the AAA fall conference. She also occasionally writes for the blog and manages DANG’s G+ and Facebook accounts. She is also overseeing the project to compile a Digital Anthropology Bibliography. Please feel free to contact her at

Research Interests include: digital anthropology in particular its role as a force of change in modern society and the impact it has on social relationships, the anthropology of religion especially as intersects with health and healing, and medical anthropology with special interest in neuroanthropology, consciousness, biocultural medical anthropology, and social well-being.


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