DANG “Re”Organization: Part 2 Informal Leadership

New leadership roles within DANG.

These do not need to be fully formalized. Rather than a few elected positions like other societies have, DANG would have practical positions which will distribute the workload of promoting digital anthropology in all its variation and digital anthropology. I think it might be good to make the focus of each position narrow to reduce the burden of responsibility. Here I’m thinking to look for individuals encharge of promoting specific topics: open access, studies of online communities, public anthropology online, digital methods, ethics, etc. Then each can be encharge of bloging on the DANG blog about their topic, promoting it on social media, potentially arranaging panels, round tables, online discussions, whatever. Start small with the Digital impact and build. Additionally, I would say we do also still need a blog editor and a social media coordinator. 

I’d love to hear your feedback especially if you will be unable to attend the DANG business meetings. What do you think about making “official” positions? I have listed the positions I brainstormed. What other areas do you think we need to cover?

If you are interested in a leadership role within DANG, please contact me and let me know. Remember it doesn’t have to be one listed.


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