DANG Business Meeting at #AAA2015

DANG: Digital Anthropology Group Business Meeting

Saturday 12:15 to 1:30 in room 405 at the Colorado convention center

(Open to All Interested Parties)

Business Meeting Agenda
We have completed our first three years as an interest group. The American Anthropological Association has approved our reauthorization for another three years. In this time we have successfully introduced the DANG brand to the AAAs. At our last meeting we pondered the purpose of DANG. As an organization dedicated to promoting digital anthropologists and digital anthropology in all its wide variety, DANG is a resource for scholars. Now it is time for us to began to formulate our plan for making our dreams a reality.

DANG will only be as great as the people who are willing to invest their time, ideas, and effort in making building it as an organization we can all be proud of and come to rely on. This directly leads to our next point. A call for volunteers who are willing to participant in DANG in a leadership capacity. These can be as formal or informal as we want, but I definitely know I cannot do this on my own. Matt Thompson has done an amazing job bringing this idea to fruition as he passes the torch, I want to make sure his legacy continues to shine and that we grow and mature as an organization.

DANG Leadership
As our growing young organization enters its 4th year, it needs a strong group of dedicated scholars to lead it. We will discuss new informal leadership roles with DANG. Rather than the formal elected positions of societies, the roles will instead be more practical positions which will distribute the workload of promoting digital anthropology in all its variation and digital anthropologists. Here I imagining titles like DANG blog editor, DANG social media coordinator, and topic based chairs: Online Comminemunities Chair, Social Media Chair, Digital Methods Chair, Digital Ethics Chair. These roles and their titles are still up for discussion and will be shaped by those willing to lead.

Advisory Board
An idea suggested to me by Heather Horst, is that DANG might consider inviting distinguished senior scholars to serve as a board of advisers for DANG. The advisory board serves two purposes. First and foremost, it is designed to be an honor for senior scholars working in digital anthropology. Secondly, the advisory board would be a resource. Consulting with DANG leadership. The details for this advisory board still need to be nailed down, but the first I want feedback on the concept. Is this something we want to pursue?

DANG collaboration
Finally, I will conclude with a discussion of future collaboration with EASA Media Anthropology Network and CASTAC.


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