Thursday, November 19, 2015: 10:15 AM-12:00 PM

603 (Colorado Convention Center)

This roundtable focuses on critical explorations in anthropological storytelling. Bringing together a variety of scholars whose work pushes beyond the traditional practices of the discipline, we explore how anthropologists can move beyond the familiar forms and methods of ethnography through the use of visual, sonic, sensory, and digital platforms and methodologies. Participants will discuss how they have calibrated various modes of inquiry and representation in their different projects — which include sound recording, film essays, visual arts, GPS mapping, augmented reality, museum exhibits, memoirs, and works of fiction — and how these various tools and venues can open up new pathways of critical analysis in conversation with other disciplines and emerging fields of study. This panel also takes a historical perspective and asks in what ways, and for what constituencies, these modes of storytelling are actually new.

OrganIzers:  Yarimar Bonilla (Rutgers University)

Chairs:  Steven Feld (VoxLox)

Roundtable Presenters:  Elizabeth Povinelli (Columbia University), Jason De Leon (University of Michigan, Department of Anthropology), Natasha Myers (York University), S. Lochlann Jain (Stanford University), Anna Tsing (University of California-Santa Cruz) and Elaine Gan (University of California, Santa Cruz)


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