Localities: Science and Technology in Places, Spaces, and Times

Localities: Science and Technology in Places, Spaces, and Times is a Graduate Student Conference in STS at York University, May 3-4 in Toronto.

The Science & Technology Studies Program at York University announces the forth annual graduate student conference. This year’s theme, Localities, challenges us to consider how places, spaces and times take active roles in shaping the science and technology we research, and our research of science and technology. As places, spaces and times create boundaries, the concepts surrounding them are something considered and vigorously debated within STS. Their definition and construction reflect the social nature of the ways science is conducted, technologies developed, and the manner in which both are disseminated, debated, and considered, both publicly and within their respective communities. What are the localities created by such boundaries, in which science and technology and their subsequent consideration and debate reside? Do they reside within them at all, or are the very idea of localities, within which science and technology and the discourse surrounding them takes place, even something that exists or something that needs to be considered? This year’s graduate student conference looks to explore these bounded localities, hoping to bring attention to the various realms, in which science and technology reside, and to encourage discussion on how the tangible and intangible is presented across localities, as well as
how they impact individuals and communities.

We invite papers from graduate students from all areas of the humanities and social sciences that will inspire, challenge, and stretch personal assumptions, academic categories, and pedagogical approaches to the practices of STS. This conference provides an excellent opportunity to share research as well as to meet other like-minded up-and-coming academics and researchers.

We welcome contributions on the following topics:
• Education, Pedagogies and Methodologies of Locality • Public Dimensions of Science & Technology
• Science & Technology in Academic Localities • Science & Technology in Nature and Space
• Science & Technology in Fiction and Media • Technicalities of Science & Technology
• Extraordinary Localities • Embodiment and Identities • Material Dimensions
• Policies, Regulations, Law • Political Localities • Historical Localities
• Localities / (Con-)Temporalities • Thinking and Making • Multispecies Ethnography

Submission & Registration
Please submit a maximum 350-word abstract, which includes your name, affiliation, year of study, and e-mail address to STS2014@yorku.ca.
Deadline: March 31, 2014.
Please go to our website yorkustsgradconference2014.wordpress.com for further details.


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