Digital Research Hub

I woke up this morning with an idea that I would like to run by the members of DANG.  Wouldn’t it be great if there was a central website anthropologists (and other scholars interested in human research with an online component) could all announce and advertise their digital/online research through.  The site would have 4 main components: announcement of new and on going digital research projects; requests for online participants; announcements of publications (hard copy, electronic, and of course OA!) relating to digital research; and announcements of conferences and calls for papers relating to digital research.  The site would be set up to automatically advertise all its postings over social media and scholars would be able to share links to the announcements with relevant groups.   Each scholar who submitted an announcement would be widening their audience and the audience of scholars would become better informed of current digital research.  Additionally, as a central hub of scholarship, the site would lend more credibility to any requests for participation.  Although, admittedly, that would mean a bit more supervision on the end of the site’s moderators and editors.

Now, of course this could already exist in the infinite space of the Internet, but if so my Google searches didn’t turn anything up.  The closest I got was this cool site that is a directory of online research tools.

If this site doesn’t already exist, I’m wondering if DANG would be interested in sponsoring it, at least in name and possibly in terms of volunteers for editors?  We can secure the domain name for $18, which I think we could raise through Wikipedia style user donations.  I’m not entire clear on the money issue of things, but I would recommend any extra money raised via donations be turned over to DANG if possible to used for future projects or meetings.

I’d love feedback on this idea in the comments or via email


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