#dang2012 – The focus questions

To play the #dang2012 game you answer the focus Q’s as if we lived in an ideal world where anything is possible (We’ll get to reality later). You don’t have to answer every question and you write multiple answers to the same question if you like. In the next step of the activity, we’ll comb through the responses and come up with some patterns.

1.a CYBERWORLDS: What is the most critical issue for anthropology in understanding digital culture and social exchange?
1.b CYBERWORLDS: What can we do to promote and bring prestige to digital studies in anthropology?

2.a BLOGGING: What role should blogging play as a medium for professional anthropologists to interact with each other?
2.b BLOGGING: What can we do to make blogging, tweeting, etc a legitimate and necessary part of professional development?

3.a PUBLICANTH: What is the best way to use Internet platforms and new tech to bring anthropology to the public?
3.b PUBLICANTH: What do we hope to accomplish through public anthropology and sharing our findings with a general audience?

4.a TEACHING: What is the most important lesson/ skill we can teach our students about the Internet and online communication?
4.b TEACHING: How can we use the Internet to become better teachers w/o it being just another goddamn thing to keep up with?

5.a OPEN ACCESS: What is the biggest challenge to bring a higher profile to current Open Access journals in anthropology?
5.b OPEN ACCESS: What can we do to educate the AAA membership about Open Access and persuade them to support OA principles?

6.a METHODS – How will anthropologists incorporate Internet platforms into “traditional” fields of study (outside of cyberworlds)?
6.b METHODS: What will be the most profound contribution mobile devices and new tech make to the execution of field research?


2 thoughts on “#dang2012 – The focus questions

  1. Thank you to the 40 or so people who participated in our business meeting activity. We generated A LOT of raw data and some interesting interpretations too. Now I just need to type it up! Stay tuned!


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