The DANG future: Issue and ideas for moving forward

In the many blog posts that lead up to this moment many of you provided some remarkable ideas for what a group like ours can accomplish. Here I’ll catalog as many of them as possible, in no particular order. Please chime in with others, more ideas are better than fewer ideas at this point.

So without further ado…

1. A blog. You’re looking at it, let’s turn it into a place for conversation and comraderie, folding together the wide reaching methodological impact of digital anthropology with the study of cyberworlds, social networks, and games.

2. Pursuing intentional inclusivity. Many had strong inclinations to guard against parochialism and insularity of any kind. We will need some kind of membership growth strategy to achieve that goal.

3. Plan of action for AAA annual meeting 2013. I’d like to see proposals for conference events including the traditional panel of papers, but also which take advantage of the Innovent format. We ought to host workshops on digital methods and promote OA awareness.

4. On the subject of OA: issues of fair access to peer reviewed publications is what started this whole thing. It would be good to start up a “one-stop shop” web site that educated visitors on OA, covered OA news, and cataloged the many OA journals. Journal reviews would also be helpful.

5. The Kahn Academy of anthropology idea, producing short videos (approx. 7 mins.) that summarize keywords.

6. World domination. One suggestion made early on was to put together a slate of candidates to run for the Executive Board of the AAA.

How can you help DANG grow?


3 thoughts on “The DANG future: Issue and ideas for moving forward

  1. AAA2013: What about a workshop on doing digital ethnography? Or a “fair” of some sort so people who aren’t up on the latest tools/issues can learn and play? Would a THATCamp-type session or pre-conference fit into the AAA conference model?


  2. Hi Matt, and all, thank you for your work on this. I am interested in point #6, world domination. If I’m not mistaken, AAA candidate self-nominations are due end of October. Haven’t had a chance to scan the list of openings, but maybe we should keep an eye out for occupying a position or two?


  3. I got here through a share on Google+. While trained in anthropology, I work in a corporate IT department as a Business Systems Analyst. I use my training to map the “corporate culture” of my employer and the interviewing techniques are similar. I’d be interested in hearing more and seeing what interconnections there is between DANG, business/design anthropology and corporate objectives (IT software projects, marketing, business intelligence).


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